The most common fault code that appears to Screen within the Vaillant Eco Tec boiler is File seventy five. So exactly what is F seventy five, and why has this happened? File 75 is often a boiler security mode and locks the boiler out In order not to induce any inside damage to the boiler. This fault code isn’t Commonly a result of the boiler staying at fault, it’s Ordinarily down to an external issue. After you go through from the Vaillant paperwork, it provides you with good reasons on why the fault code has shown within the boiler monitor. It states the h2o pressure sensor and or maybe the pump are defective, or achievable air throughout the technique.

With all Vaillant Eco Tec fault codes, the reasons given are merely a guidebook on what to look for, it doesn’t mean that these pieces at fault and want to be replaced. The most typical basis for the File seventy five fault code may be the process strain has dropped under michel vaillant had bar. With the boiler to work it needs to have a minimum amount tension of 0.8 bar. The conventional working pressure in the event the system is cold need to be around one.2 bar. The Vaillant Eco Tec includes a built-in water pressure swap which senses the method stress. When the boiler starts off up, The inner pump spins and enhances the strain all over 0.two bar, the h2o force switch senses this and sends a sign for the PCB to start the ignition sequence.

In case the sensor doesn’t sense ample tension the boiler will Show F 75 and head to lock out. To overcome this issue Look at the tension gauge about the boiler, which is located on The underside appropriate hand facet. Be sure the needle is earlier mentioned the pink zero and is simply into your gray place. Yet another way to examine the stress is go to the boiler Screen and push any of the top four buttons, you can recognize the Show mild arrives on, now push the top appropriate hand button about the panel, you’ll want to now see a radiator indicator, press a similar button once more and it’ll Display screen the bar indication, press once more and it will provide you with the system force in digital.

A few of the new Vaillant boilers now only come with such a strain Display screen so this would be the only way to check the force. Ought to the boiler pressure be right then we now need to have to check the drinking water force sensor by itself? In the event the procedure contains a Construct up of inside sludge, the sensor will get blocked and is also unable to sense any pressure, Therefore the boiler will never hearth. Vaillant moved the posture of this sensor, it utilised Found at the bottom of your boiler, now it’s fitted instantly under the heat exchanger connections about the left hand aspect.

The main reason they moved it was when it had been Found at The underside, if the boiler was off the sludge could enter the sensor and bring about it to block, by going it to slightly below the heat exchanger it stops the sludge. If you find you cannot reset your Vaillant Eco Tec then the most effective suggest I may give will be to contact a neighborhood Vaillant professional, yow will discover them within the Vaillant Web-site. Vaillant boilers for my part are of top quality and Make, but Like every boiler they should be looked following, usually they are going to ultimately end Functioning.

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