How Do Drivers Influence Private Hire Insurance?


Drivers play a major role in deciding your private hire insurance policy since they are the people handling your vehicle. Insurance companies run a thorough check on the drivers before deciding premiums. A driver who has a good record can reduce your monthly premiums just like a driver with a bad and accident-prone driving record can hike your premiums. In order to keep the premiums low and receive more bonuses and discounts, drive your own taxi. An owner who is also the driver of the taxi receives more perks because he tends to show more responsibility in driving the taxi and maintaining safety. Is it is not possible for you to drive your own private hire vehicle, then hire drivers who are experienced and skilled n driving. You can get best service by clicking  private driver casablanca Below given are a few factors that will help you reduce your premiums.

Never hire drivers with a criminal background

When a driver is put through special tests required for him to acquire a license for driving a private taxi, a thorough background check is run on him. Drivers with criminal records find it very difficult to acquire a license for private taxi. This rule is slightly relaxed when it comes to driving public hire vehicle. Much importance is given to the background of a driver because the driver of a private taxi service has access to the personal information of passengers like phone number and address. Insurance companies may charge higher premium if the track record of your driver is bad. In worst cases, the driver may not receive insurance cover due to his background.

A good knowledge about local routed

Another factor that you should consider while hiring a driver for you private hire service is to ensure that the driver is well versed with the routes and roads of the city. A driver should have a few years of experience in driving in your city in order for him to be able to provide efficient pickup and drop-off services to your clients. A driver who is not knowledgeable about the city is not only bad for your business but also reflects badly in the special license test meant for private taxi. Local area knowledge test is one of the tests conducted on the driver. Since insurance companies consider license of the driver while providing private hire insurance, it is important to consider this factor.

Drivers should be healthy

Medical history of a driver is another factor that is considered when testing him for license. In order to pass the license test, a driver has to be medically fit. A history of strokes and heart attacks is bad for a taxi driver. Insurance companies either deny providing cover for such drivers or may charge a high premium since the risks of accidents is high with them. Mental and physical fitness are both important for a private taxi driver.

Skilled and safe driving habits

Hire drivers who have a safe and clean driving history. Private hire insurance premiums vary a great deal depending on driving history. When you hire a driver, make sure that he comes clean in all the above mentioned factors, in order to get insurance and save money on it.