All About Youtube advertising Agency

YouTube advertising is one of the most popular video marketing ideas.Here are some YouTube facts:

YouTube now has 2 billion monthly users who watch 250 million hours of TV screens per day.
For 18-34 year olds, YouTube was the most popular platform for watching TV movies after Netflix.
51% of marketers now broadcast video on YouTube.
Businesses, corporations, and advertisers have a responsibility to get the most out of YouTube. But do not worry. There are Youtube advertising agency  that can help you.

This article introduces you to the top 7 YouTube advertising companies, the products they offer, and their past users.

Lyfe Marketing is an Atlanta-based leveraged media marketing service that provides a variety of services to support your advertising campaigns.

Our team continues to be recognized as one of the best digital marketing organizations of 2020, and we continue to improve our approach. Below you can see some of the work we have done. […] We have run hundreds of campaigns and can deliver results for almost any project.

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Services include: social media management, social media advertising, Google Ads, SEO and web design

Previous Clients: Atlanta Hawks, Egypt Magic, Kaplan MD, Royce

Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)
Location: Chicago, London (UK), Calgary, Berlin, Dubai, Canberra

DMA (Digital Marketing Agency) is an international digital marketing organization with Swiss Army special weapons on YouTube advertising and more.

We create marketing and marketing plans to help your business plan reach the widest audience on our platform. Our team is looking for new opportunities to include a wide range of advertisements in popular videos, access popular channels and gain a variety of experiences through the video content itself.

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Services include: SEO, PPC, domain management, website development, business automation

Previous Clients: Atlanta Hawks, Egypt Magic, Kaplan MD, Royce

Media Boy
Location: New York

Voy Media markets itself as an advertising agency on Facebook, but also has YouTube as a business as one of its many services.

We are a professional, full-service agency that does more than sales and brands. We use the internet easily. That means creating images that stop scrolling, words that make you feel (hello), and business ideas that don’t let other skills fall into the digital abyss. boy media
Services Provided: Business Development, Google Ads, Instagram Marketing, Mobile Marketing

Former clients: UMG Gaming, Lacoste, Revealbot, Big Life Journal

Location: London

Barracuda offers a wide range of YouTube advertising services for small businesses, including video SEO and paid advertising. The organization also manages the YouTube channel by monitoring all traffic and comments.

Barracuda has experience building channels and integrating them into a diverse customer base with experience and sales. YouTube is not about cats… […] Proving the relationship between the video channel and the website is important. Barracuda creates working hours to help you achieve your target sales and marketing goals.

Service provided: YouTube channel opening, YouTube channel management, content curation, content production

Former customers: StaySure, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Team Tactics

99 bots (approved by Adzooma)
Location: New Jersey

99 Robots is a value-driven digital service provider specializing in online advertising for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, YouTube Ads and Amazon Ads.

Whether it’s product marketing, ad management, or website design, our team of Marketing+ professionals can exceed your needs. Benefiting from our partnerships, consumers choose us as an extension of their business or technology websites. Call us today to discuss how we can work together.