A Private Owners Guide to Bottling Fine Whisky

The majority of personal proprietors of whisky casks are seeking out an evaluation of their options. The cause of this newsletter is to assist solution questions that non-public owners might also have approximately bottling their whisky casks.

Its continually advocated that private owners bottle at cask strength as this minimises the variety of bottles that you get making it less expensive for bottling and requiring organic wine hong kong much less storage space. The materials wanted for a unmarried malt presentation consist of: tall round clear bottle, varnished timber topp stopper cork, gold coloured natural tin tablet and simple white outer instances. For non-public proprietors the usage of a simple black and white label might be sufficient. On it’d be your call, distillery from which the cask originated and the cask information inclusive of date of fill, cask wide variety, electricity and so on. If you intend to print your own be conscious that labels revealed on ink jet computer printers are probable to have the ink run if the whisky is spilled on the label. A colour laser printer is but a excellent option for short run label production.

The standard hogshead cask will yield round 280 bottles at a strength near 60% alcohol. If you have been to bottle at forty% this would entail the addition of around a hundred and twenty litres of water and could require a further 171 bottles to include the increased bulk extent. It would additionally suggest that the whisky could need to be kick back filtered to hold it’s readability and brightness as the discount in electricity reasons the whisky to become cloudy. Chill filtration impairs the flavor of the whisky and is therefore avoided via purveyors of nice malt scotch and it is normal for such merchandise to be bottled at such excessive electricity, i.E. Forty six% or extra.

There are options for defraying or deferring some of the charges worried:


Many people form a syndicate with own family or buddies. This reduces the fee burden but of route you get much less of the whisky. This isn’t always commonly a trouble as it will take 5 years to get via one cask at a bottle in step with week. A personal syndicate who are not shopping for and selling can be handled in the same manner as an character non-public owner and does no longer currently want to be registered with Customs & Excise.

Bonded Storage

The majority of the rate while bottling is incurred inside the shape of obligation and VAT which is likewise levied at the responsibility. You can select to shop your bottled whisky in a bonded warehouse. If you could locate one domestically, and they’re happy to guide a personal proprietor, then you could save the whisky under bond and pay the obligation and VAT as and whilst you do away with the products for use. You are probable to be charged pennies consistent with case in line with week for bonded however please do affirm this with your selected warehouse in advance.