Airtel Message Center Number is set as the contact number for all Airtel prepaid cell phones. Airtel is a leading service provider of mobile communication in India. Airtel prepaid cell phones are the first choice for people who want affordable phone connectivity at affordable costs. Airtel prepaid cell phones are available with a variety of network carriers. The prepaid SIM cards come with different network carriers like Vodafone, Orange, Idea, Tata Indicom and Virgin.

Airtel has three kinds of plans: A DSL only plan, which gives you free local calls; a sim only plan which gives you free calls to other Airtel numbers, and a hosted sync option which allows you to register your number with any of the over twenty Airtel resellers across India. If you’re looking for advanced settings on your Airtel phones, try the Airtel SMS Center. With this facility, you get to enjoy advanced features on your phone like sending and receiving SMS. Advanced features also include online access and Internet browsing. With the Airtel SMS Center, you get to enjoy a complete suite of Airtel services at an affordable price.

Airtel has plans for its Mumbai and Delhi branch including the new ones- Mumbaible and Gujarat Center. In the coming months, the Company plans to expand its services beyond Mumbai and Delhi to other key cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. Airtel plans to bring its message center numbers for its prepaid and postpaid subscribers in all the major cities in India.

Currently, there are no service providers that offer as much variety as Airtel when it comes to its messaging plans. Whether you want to send SMS, e-mails, or use the existing pre-installed applications, Airtel’s short message service center number will match your needs perfectly. You can even customize your own short message service center number if you wish.

With Airtel’s prepaid cell phones and the Airtel SMS Center, you can send hundreds of text messages each month for less than two per cent of the regular rates charged by other messaging companies. This is how Airtel lets you save money while keeping you updated about the latest news. The best part is that Airtel doesn’t charge extra for sending texts or emails to family and friends residing outside the country. On the contrary, Airtel’s messaging plans are cheaper than most popular messaging services because it provides a lot of flexibility for users.

If you check your Airtel mobile phones’ screen, you will see a map where you can locate all your present and future stops. A street view of your destination will let you see not only the street name but also the direction you’re travelling in. There’s another great function provided by the Airtel mobile phones. You can set up the messaging application to sort your text messages based on their location. So if you’re travelling from point A to point B in a different city, your text messages will be sent in alphabetical order according to their originating city.

If you need to know how Airtel is planning to support GPS in their mobile network devices, just look at their upcoming compatible devices. Currently, Airtel is working on three different devices – the Boost Mobile Starter Kit (for low-priced prepaid mobiles), the Boost Mobile MiniGPS (for easy installation and transport of the mini GPS device), and the Airtel Debut GPS phone (for use in the Boost Mobile). The Boost Mobile Starter Kit is already equipped with a built-in GSM modem and a SIM card reader. The Airtel MiniGPS has an integrated accelerometer, multi-point access control interface, voice dialling and a calendar. The Airtel Debut is the world’s first GPS phone, which also integrates with the internet (through Wi-Fi Direct), voice mail (through MMS), and Bluetooth.

Airtel’s SMS service centre number is located at 020-millennium square meters, near Zurich. The company’s head office is situated in Switzerland. You can contact the company’s support through the online helpdesk or through telephonically with customer service representatives. The company offers an online FAQ for users, including information on its plans and features, as well as a detailed list of Airtel’s local calling zones. You can also send and receive text messages from your Airtel phone with the help of its text message application.

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