The spread of the novel coronavirus has made social distancing the new lifestyle in Dubai and many other cities of the world. There is no doubt in the saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way society functions. To limit the spread of the coronavirus, strict rules and regulations have been put into place. As a result, staying at home has become the new normal for the majority of the population. However, it is a challenging job to stay indoors for such a long period of time for any sane human being, especially if they are living in an apartment with a big family.

You can handle this situation with a smarter and life-changing approach if you are an expat or local in Dubai. If you have been considering to move into a bigger yet economical place, the best way to do that is to upgrade from an apartment to a villa. In case you do not have a much stronger financial standing at the moment, you can check out luxury villas for sale in Dubai.

Here is a list of why upgrading your living place into a villa is the best idea:

#1 Generous space

One of the greatest advantages of changing into a villa in Dubai is the ample space the homeowners can enjoy. Dubai villas boast floors of significant size, which gives families the space they need to live comfortably. Other than that, you can also practise social distancing, as the space in villas is quite noticeable. You will find many striking rental villas in Dubai with massive gardens where children can play and the adults can have their tea time. Older parents can also find solace by spending their evenings outdoors but without the danger of contracting the virus.

Furthermore, tenants who decide to live in villas can also take advantage of the opportunity to transform rooms into useful spaces, such as offices. It is especially contemporary for parents who are working from home due to the pandemic. For homeowners, it is extremely beneficial to have a workspace at home as its boosts productivity by separating your work hours from your family time.

#2 Privacy

Many people who live in apartments in Dubai struggle with the element of privacy. However, if you shift into a villa, you can enjoy a higher level of privacy. When you live in apartments, as they are mostly part of a building complex, you have to share amenities like pools and gardens between residents. However, if you shift into a rental villa in Dubai, you can enjoy personal pools and garden spaces.

#3 Health-friendly atmosphere

In Dubai, most of the top villa communities are located far away from the noise and hustle-bustle of the polluted city. That means, residents can have a healthier lifestyle as they live away from the everyday smoke of the city. Other than that, there are also a few disturbances in villas as compared to an apartment. Consequently, that makes villas in Dubai a better and healthier option.

#4 Long-term investment

For people who have plans of living in Dubai for a longer period, investing in a villa is a smart decision. In Dubai, expats and other individuals can find a wide range of affordable villas for rent. The current real estate market is especially extremely friendly for buyers because of the pandemic situation.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the launch of the UAE economic stimulus packages encouraged the increase of the loan-to-value ratios (LVTs) by the Central Bank. It benefits people who are opting for mortgage loans by increasing the ratio by five percentage points for buyers who are investing for the first time. That means first-time buyers do not have to invest much of their own funds when they are purchasing a villa in Dubai.

Now that you know the many perks of living in a villa, it is going to be an easy journey when you will start looking for your next potential home in Dubai. However, if buying one is not a viable option for you at the moment, you can look at places like City Walk Apartments for sale.

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